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Convert Your NewCommerce website into a marketplace where you can invite different vendors and let them sell their digital & physical products on your website.

Newcommerce Suite OTO1

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Marketplace like Etsy, a billion dollar company now, started as a small eCommerce store, selling handmade or vintage items, The company is now running as a successful marketplace having over 54 million registered users, 1.4 million active sellers, selling their handmade or vintage items like photography, jewellery, clothing, etc. and over 19.8 million active users. Etsy's last year profit was $1.94 billion. Today the marketplace has over 29 million items selling on it's website and still counting.

Others marketplaces like ThemeForest, Creative Market, applied the same concept and today they too count in the list of successful marketplaces.

Presenting NewCommerce Multi Vendor WP Plugin

A Multi-Vendor Solution That Will Turn Your eCommerce Store Into A Marketplace

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